Precision Receivers, Inc., headquartered in Marshall, VA, was founded in 2019 to develop technologies that could improve direct-sampling receiver performance focusing on ADCs, Nyquist sampling, and advanced algorithms for both commercial, defense, medical, and scientific applications. PRI’s HDRR™ technology dramatically reduces spurious emissions, increasing spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) an order of magnitude more effectively than other techniques, over wider bandwidths, and with increased accuracy and speed.

HDRR preserves the original phase and amplitude of the input signal and can be implemented in both existing and new designs with few if any changes in hardware. The higher SFDR achieved by HDRR allows signals that would otherwise be obscured to be revealed to the receiver. This makes it possible to identify and analyze signals of interest with a high degree of precision, which is essential for EW, SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT, radar, communications, and medical imaging systems. PRI continues to advance the capabilities of HDRR as it has the potential for achieving even greater performance in the future.


Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson is an entrepreneur/inventor with two successful startups and two patents. He helped start Freestate Electronics, a successful FAA supplier, and cofounded Advanced Radio Corporation, an innovative receiver design company that was later acquired by Mercury Systems. The first patent was a novel monopulse DF antenna covering 0.5-18 GHz which was sensitive to all polarization (horizontal, vertical, slant, LH, RH). Paul also developed the Watkins Johnson 2 MHz to 3 GHz periscope mounted submarine DF antenna which was also used on mobile platforms. Antenna designs cover VLF 50 KHz submarine antennas as well as HF, VLF, C, X through 18 GHz. Paul’s second patent was canceling spurs on a DAC or DDS which created one of the fastest tuning synthesizer while maintaining one of the lowest phase noise available. Typical, tuning speed and phase noise need to be traded for one another. This novel synthesizer was the heart of Advanced Radios high-performance radios that are employed in missile defense systems, ELINT, and COMINT systems today. Paul has become an expert in direction finding and phased array systems as well as phase-coherent receiving systems. Some of the antenna also include electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generators, and RF power amplifiers for aircraft testing EMP testing. EMP test required high powered broadband baluns.


William O’Reilly
Vice President

Bill has more than 20 years of experience in a diverse array of technologies, including 20 years developing techniques for medical imaging and defense devices. He was the chief consulting engineer to JaCai consulting, a high-tech consulting company that resulted in several medical device patents and publications in collaboration with luminary researchers.

He was VP of engineering at Tornado Spectral Systems (TSS) and spinoff companies. Previously also worked for 10 years at Mercury Systems and had a principal role in achieving increases in sales to multiple customers through quality initiatives, quality engineering, and marketing products to fit the needs of medical and defense customers. Bill has been successfully navigating the complex world of regulatory agencies including the FDA, IEC, ISO, and CE.

George Thompson
Chief Financial Officer

George Thompson has spent his long career organizing and managing engineering projects and companies involving material science, communication theories, and applications of new material compounds. He cofounded Advanced Radio Corporation and Systems Research Laboratory (later sold to Mercury Systems), and was president of Commonwealth Scientific Corp, a leading R&D firm in ion beam etching and deposition systems. George has patented a widely-used cryogenically-controlled sample specimen application system and fostered new developments in semiconductors. He was an Air Force R&D procurement officer and attended the University of Virginia, received his BS degree in general engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was chairman of the board of directors of The Marshall (VA) National Bank.

Richard Thompson
Chief Operating Officer

Richard has developed products and software designs for defense products being adapted for civilian or commercial applications in the cellular industry. He has designed and executed multipath propagation tests for wireless cellular products including WiMAX, WCDMA, CDMA, and GSM protocols, and worked for Advanced Radio Corp., Digital Receiver Technology, and the Naval Research Laboratory. Richard received his BS degree in electrical engineering from George Mason University and MS degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.